United Kingdom

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Visa Free Countries


Investment Amount​

50,000 £

Processing Time

4-5 Months

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Why doing Business in UK?

The UK’s open market and diversified economy has traditionally provided an active base for overseas investors and businesses. It has a long and successful history of trade with the rest of the world. In the current economic climate, overseas investment is as important as ever to the growth of the UK economy and the government has been sending out a clear message that the UK is very much ‘open for business’. The UK is a large and dynamic marketplace in its own right, but also benefits from being an excellent gateway to other parts of the world. Foreign investors coming to the UK have experienced its many advantages, including:

UK Tier 1 inovator Visa I What is it?

The UK Innovator Visa is an initiative launched by the UK Government to boost, and stimulate, the UK economy post BREXIT. This program is designed specifically to attract international talent aimed at experience entrepreneurs to set up or run a business in the UK. Under this route applicants are required to demonstrate an innovative, viable and scalable business idea which is supported by an endorsing body. The main applicant, the entrepreneur, will receive full UK residency for themselves, and their dependents, with access to free education, free healthcare and a pathway to citizenship.

Who is eligible?

Any one who wants to set up and run an innovative business in UK.
What is the criteria?

  1. Have a business idea
  2. You must be able to invest a minimum £50,000 in your business.
  3. You must have a good command on English at Level 82.
  4. You must meet certain personal finance requirement of £1,270.

Who can go with me?

The main applicant, the entrepreneur, will be able to include his/her dependents in the application. Spouse and children under the age of 18. Dependents can work or study full-time in the United Kingdom.

Advantages & Benefits

  1. Open multiple businesses in UK
  2. Apply to settle in the UK after you have completed 3 years.
  3. Apply for citizenship after 6 years.
  4. Free education for children under 18 years .
  5. Free Healthcare {NHS) for all the family .
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