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Investment Amount​

25,000 USD

Processing Time

3-4 Months

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Lithuania, located in Eastern Europe along the Baltic Sea, is bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the south and east, Poland to the south, and Russia (Kaliningrad district) to the southwest. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. The official language is Lithuanian, and the currency is the euro (EUR).

Lithuania has an excellent modern state healthcare system, funded by the government through a national health insurance scheme. Healthcare, including emergency treatment, is free at the point of delivery, with the standard system of GP referrals for non-urgent cases

The economy of Lithuania is the largest economy among the three Baltic states. Lithuania is a member of the European Union and its GDP per capita is the highest in the Baltic states. … Lithuania’s economy (GDP) grew more than 500 percent since regaining independence in 1990.


Investing for the purpose of obtaining an investor residence

To purchase a property for the purpose of obtaining residency in Lithuania, the value of the property must not be less than 28,000 euros, and a company is established in the name of the person

Those interested in obtaining residency and adding the capital to his company’s account there, and then we buy the property for the company’s account and then submit
The company’s papers, the assets it owns, and the company’s owner’s papers are sent to the Immigration Department, and a decision of residency is issued within 8 working weeks.

Investing for the purpose of obtaining a long-term Schengen visa

It is required here that the property has a value of not less than 15,000 euros
Schengen visa, and the person who owns the property has the right to obtain a visa for himself and the rest of his family. Type-C – The visa is issued with type
The visa is granted for the first time for one year, and renewed for two years, then renewed for 3 years, then renewed for five years, and then
The renewal is always for a period of five years, with proof of ownership of the property for the same person upon renewal each time.
Visa Schengen for the buyer, such as the maximum period of presence within the Type-C countries – all terms and conditions of visa holders apply
The union is 90 continuous days and other known conditions are available on the European Union website and other official websites.
We provide in Passport Gates Special services for property owners in Lithuania, such as property care, renovation, rental and follow up his financial, administrative and legal matters and transfer the profits to the property owner, whether in his country or in his account inside Lithuania.

Travel Freely within the Schengen zone

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