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Permanently resident program in Greece

The state of Greece provides a permanent residency program for high net worth individuals or investment seekers, which is known as the gold visa. This provides many investment opportunities for those wishing to obtain a second citizenship or reside permanently and enjoy all the advantages of the country in exchange for investing within the country. This can be done for you and your family. The state offers all the advantages and privileges in exchange for investing or buying a property, a plot of land or shop worth at least 250 thousand euros and you must preserve the property in order to ensure the renewal of your residence in accordance with the conditions of obtaining the visa issued by the state of Greece in 2013.

The benefit of the program

  • You can benefit from all the advantages and privileges of citizens and coexist like them within Greece in exchange for investing in it or trying to obtain a property or a share of a real estate project in accordance with the laws of the country.
  • Greece is the least tax Schengen country in transferring property.
  • It is not required to stay in Greece to obtain the citizenship program permanently, where you can travel only once at the time of handing over the required documents
  • You can wait (4-6) months to get the citizenship program, which is a record time.
  • You can keep your original nationality as the state allows dual citizenship.
  • You can enter and reach all Schengen countries.
  • The Consulate provides support and protection.
  • Proficiency in language fluently is not required.
  • Benefit like citizens and enjoy full rights for all members of your family.
  • When you get citizenship, your stay is not required permanently to keep it.
  • You can only transfer the investment amount as soon as you complete your order as you cannot pay anything before it.
  • Enjoy the benefits of health insurance and free education in Greece.
  • Take the advantage of tax exemptions if you get citizenship.
  • Take the advantage of the financial incentives of companies.
  • You can expand your business and investment in all counties of the European Union, where the European markets include about 500 million people.
  • You can add all family members in one request.

Conditions for obtaining a Greek gold visa

  • The applicant must be order the 18 years old.
  • The applicant must be in good health.
  • The applicant must be free of any chronic disease, especially epidemics.
  • Not belonging to a terrorist group or poses any threat to the security of the country.
  • Buying a property or selling land or a store is really about 250 thousand euros.
  • Must have a fixed job and a fixed source of income.
  • A proof of wealth for the applicant should be available.

Steps to obtain the Greek golden bedding

  1. Preparing the required documents, papers and certifications.
  2. Travel to Greece to locate and complete the property purchase process and submit a residence application.
  3. The investor must provide all biometric information and then get 5 years
  4. After 5 years the golden visa qualifies you for citizenship if the conditions are met.
  5. Submit the applications to the competent authorities
  6. Inspect the property you want to buy
  7. Wait for 4-6 months when your applications is approved
  8. Travel to Greek if your application is approved
  9. And then enjoy your permanent stay within Greek and live in it like native citizens. (Note): you can locate the property and complete its purchase remotely, as Passport Gate helps you with this.
    (Note): the property must be preserved to ensure the renewal of your residence.

Costs required to obtain a Greek gold visa

  • Buying a property where the value of real estate ranges from 200, 00 euros
  • Pay all government fees, application fees and health insurance.

Family members who can be added to the program

  • Wife
  • Unmarried children under 21 years
  • Parents regardless of their age
  • Sibling and parents can be added provided that their financial costs are added to the applicant.

What services does Passport Gate offer you?

  • Provide real estate investment options.
  • Provide consultation services for your case and what is required for this program.
  • Assist in reviewing and preparing your documents and forms.
  • Schedule and organize your exploratory visit to Greece (remote purchase is available).
  • Follow up on the application status and update you frequently
  • Permanent residency cards are delivered to where the investor is located.

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